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one character with transparent , white, or simple BG
Any prop you want



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
                                                                                  Nice to meet you all
                                              Now, my core membership is expired. All decoration was gone. So HURT T___T


Request: closed
Commission: Open
Arttrade: Friend only

Commission open!! by poringrenger
Update 2.17.17

  1. I accept Point &Papal 
>>> For point : pay at Commission widget on my DA page
  2. Draw with 300 dpi
3. If you want a commission Pls Send me a note
4. Pay the points/paypal then I will start your order

I can draw

:pearl bullet: Your OC
:pearl bullet:  Fanart
I don’t draw
Bullet; Red R-18 
Bullet; Red Guro
Bullet; Red Realism
Bullet; Red Very muscular character
Bullet; Red Kemono
Flower Power Divider by micojards

TYPE I : Portrait
Fanart contest TOS: Necromancer by poringrenger
Rem by poringrengerCoral painting by poringrenger
Type A and Type B

(more detail than half body) 
Paypal: 35$
Point: 3500
+add any prop in your BG: +18$/18 pts

"skeleton","Syringe" and "Flower" or etc
**For TypeB: 50$
Togachan by poringrengerPostcard by poringrenger

Flower Power Divider by micojards

TYPE II: Half body - Waist up
Depend on detail of your character
A. Less Detail: 3000 Points or 30$ with transparent, white or simple BG 
+2500 points or 25$ for additional characters
Humanized Sans by poringrenger
Human Nick Zootopia by poringrenger

B. More Detail: 3700 Points or 37 $ with transparent, white or simple BG
+3000 points or 30 $ for additional characters
*max for 3 characters*
Addition detailed background 30 $
[Commission] Clarissa by poringrengerCommission: Suoh by poringrenger
Commission: Shinkiro by poringrenger

Flower Power Divider by micojards

2200 Points or 22$ with transparent, white or BG 
+1500 or 15$ for additional characters
you can add any prop ;w;
Addition detailed background: 20 $

[Commission] for Plapupy by poringrenger

Commission : Chibi by poringrenger

you can see other previous commission pic in this link:…
Flower Power Divider by micojards

How to order

1. Send me a note with this information
Payment : Point/Paypal
Type: I/II/III
Character : Pls attach your character link or naming of Fanart
Personality :
Need any prop?

   2. I will accept your order and send a total price
   3. Paying
:pearl bullet: For point : Pay the points before saw the sketch
>> You can pay at Commission widget on my DA page

Commis by poringrenger

:pearl bullet: For Paypal : Pay total price before saw the sketch
I will send my email with a note
You can read how to pay by paypal in this link > How to send money using PAYPAL

*Pls pay with in 1 week*
**Tell me if you want to edit anything**

4. Sending the Sketch
I will send you the line sketch and color guide
You can edit everything you want at this step (I accept 3 times for editting)
If there is noting to fix, I will start to paint and you cannot edit anything then
  5. When picture is finished I will send you a full picture from a note
Then I will submit the commission on my DA and Facebook page with watermark 
*Tell me If you don't like if I submit the commission on my DA or Facebook page
**You can ask anything for more information Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1]


[Commission] Del
commission for plapupy Thank you for commission me again. Her OC is very adorable
Sorry for have not update for long time T_T I have some big projects and I have must study so hard since last month. So try

So I have to close my commission project and do not have definite date for the next opening T_T. But I will try to keep doodle/painting
[Fanart] Fafarije
I draw this pic for my friend in facebook because she is so kind for me ^^ and Fafarije is realyyyyyy adorable!!


Hi I open a commission! But no one commission me TT I think that my portrait is not good enough

So I edited some journal detail. I open Half body and Chibi type again!! Walking llama  Hope this is a good new for you…
Happy Halloween Day 2016
I hadn't a chance to draw halloween day for several years ago Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 

This day I have a lot of freetime because of no commission work Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2]  So I can draw this pic

This pic is about Waand and Milly (OC from Porforever going to halloween candy hunting, and getting a lot of candy)

"Woww! Milly We get a ton of candies!"
"Let eat them all!"


Hi I open a commission! But no one commission me TT I think that my portrait is not good enough

So if you want to commission me another type, pls send me a note. I will edit this journal next week Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2]…
Coral painting
I like to draw the girl with 'something' on her head (like this). This pic is the fourth of this girl set

I hope to draw this pic better (like what I planned) I will practice more and more for that dayLlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 


Hi! my 5th commission round is opened!

You can read more detail in this link >…
[Fanart] Mystic messenger: Seven
I have played Mystic messenger for a month. Seven route is the best >w<. How is he so cute!Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

Hi! my 5th commission round is opened!

You can read more detail in this link >…


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nishikigika Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh my jesus baloogy, your art is fucking gorgeous. my eyes have been diluted in mass amount of beauty from staring at your artwork, i am trash for your drawing. especially your coloring skills, its so pretty like wtf fam i feel so attacked right now, you're amazing and i hope you know that very very well like damn fam. my being is v pleased, aesthetics v v v v pleased.
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xiuqiu Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your colouring is so pretty TToTT
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akdfjhakjdfhkgkjdhg syooouuuuu senpai... watch ....
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XandImus Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016   General Artist
Nyce thYnks 4the :llama: ^0^
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Great gallery! :+devwatch: Heart bum 
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